Indoor 2018

Fee:  $50 per athlete. This will help cover the meets we will be attending.  The Athletic Department does not cover these since this is a club sport.


Athletes will always come prepared to be outside…..Indoor Track does not mean we will be training indoors everyday…..obviously weather conditions will dictate if we our inside or outside.


Conditioning starts 12/3/18 Monday, Wednesday, Friday



3:00-3:10  Hurdle Mobility

3:10-3:20  Active Warm-up

3:20-3:40  Conditioning  ( 20 minute Run)

Distance Throwers Hurdlers/Sprinters

3 miles Medicine Ball 6 one Lappers (abs, pushups, Squat Jumps, Wall Jumps)

Overhead 2×10

Chest 2×10

Backward 2×10

Turn/Throw  2×10

(Hurdle Walkover///with medicine Ball–1 and 2 in hole)

3:40-4:45  Lifting–Advanced Conditioning athletes Do Rope/Band Workout


Wednesday Monday Friday

Bench Squat Medicine Ball Hurdle Walkover

Running Curls Calf Raise Rope Workout

Tricep Pulldown Hex Bar Deadlift Band Resistance

Incline Bench Hip Thrust Ab Circuit

Lat PulldownMilitary Press

Pushup Circuit Bar Shrugs

Bar Pullups Good Mornings

Practice starts Wednesday January 2, 2019


Monday-at High School  3:00-5:00/good weather at Track 3:00-5:00

Sprints Hurdles Distance Throws

Sprint Interval Sprint Interval Distance Intervals    Technique

Monday lifting-Lower Body


Tuesday-at High School  3:00-5:00–Tuesday Nite at Akron 7pm-9pm $10 per night (I will take some kids up for the Jumps)

Sprints Hurdles Distance Throws

Technique Hurdle Drills Long Distance Medicine Ball


Wednesday-at Fieldhouse  3:00-5:00

Sprints Hurdles Distance Throws

Sprint Training Hurdle Repeats Long Distance Indoor Throws

Wednesday lifting Upper Body


Thursday-at High School    3:00-5:00

Sprints Hurdles Distance Throws

Team Circuit Stations Team Circuit Training Distance Night Team Circuit


Friday-at High School        3:00-5:00

Sprints : Hurdles: Distance: Throws:

Speciality Hurdle Drills Distance Technique


No Friday/Saturday Meet- Lifting Combination upper/Lower




Indoor Varsity Patch Requirements

Requirements for a Indoor Varsity Patch:

Athlete must compete in a minimum of three meets.

Athlete must hit one of the benchmarks to receive a varsity patch

Boys Girls

Long Jump 17-6 14-6

Triple Jump 35-0 29-0

High Jump 5-6 4-6

Shot Put 36-0 26-0

Weight 30-0 25-0

Pole Vault 10-0 7-0

60m Dash 8.4 9.4

60 m Hurdles 11.2 11.7

3200m Relay 9:30 11:30

800m 2:20 2:48

400m 59.0 1:07

200m 25.5 30.5

1600m 5:20 6:20

3200m 11:30 14:00

800m Relay 1:45 1:57

1600m Relay 3:50 4:45




**  State Championships must be in the top 24 marks turned in for Division ⅔

First Meet on 1/6  entries are due before Christmas Break and athletes need to workout over break, because we will only have a few practices.


Mom/Son Superhero Bash

Join us for a mom and son super hero bash on October 13 from 7-9 pm.


Great Wolf Lodge flyer

Please take a look at the flyer to get your room reserved


Daddy-Daughter Dance

Once again this year we will be doing our Daddy Daughter dance on March 19, 2017.

daddy daughter dance forms


If anyone would like to purchase photos from the Regional Track meet please follow this link.

Regional Photos

Agenda 4


Agenda 3/16-3/20


The Open Ring

The Open Ring will be Sunday’s at Zanesville High School

When: Beginining April 12th at 1pm — Every Sunday through the state meet (weather permitting)

Who: Any Thrower boy or girl (Junior High – High School)

Coaches are welcome to come and help and learn!!

Parents Meetings

Parents Meetings will be held for the upcoming season on Tuesday, March 3rd at the middle school.

Varsity starts at 5:30pm
Junior High at 6:30pm

The first practice is Monday March 9. To see the practice schedule please follow to this link Click Here